We provide counseling services on acquisition of land at strategic locations. Intercity estimation, Project design, Phase wise planning, launching strategies are a few to name amongst the diverse role of our company.

Sale & Joint Ventures of Land Deals:

  • Counseling on options of unlocking the value of the asset
  • Searching & Survey of Property
  • Location Analysis
  • Property Valuation
  • Need Assessment and Feasibility Study
  • Structuring of Joint Venture
  • Assistance in documentation
  • Support in negotiation & deal closure
  • Coordination in legal formalities

Our services also include site inspection, viability study, executing the contract, in addition to legal consultation and assessing properties accurately with different valuation model.

Ever imagined why rich people keep getting wealthier?
Why 5% population in the world own 95% of the world's wealth?
The answer is simple- their money keeps earning for them. In simple vocabulary they earn a lot by investing their money well. A majority of the richest people in the world have made money by investing. Arham Estate is dedicated to lend a hand to people in making superior returns by investing in Real Estate. Real estate investment involves the commitment of funds to property with an aim to generate income via lease or rental and to accomplish capital appreciation. We help the investor unearth the correct combination of property which would yield them high returns in terms of capital appreciation / rental income on their investment. With enormous and comprehensive knowledge of the market, it gives us an unparalleled advantage when it comes to real estate investment consultancy services.

Our Investment Services division provides the following services:

  • Comparison on the best available real estate
  • investment options Assessment of requirements
  • Portfolio Investment
  • ROI planning
  • Smooth the progress of profit booking & exit at the right time
  • Income Tax Advisory.
  • Regular Updates to the investors on the upcoming opportunities.

We ensure that our investors park their funds in safe regions with all the calculations based on the permutation & combination provided by us which is hassle free and profitable.

In warehousing services we possess all the essential resources to provide a comprehensive variety of warehouse solutions for various industries. We are involved in providing Industrial Properties such as Industrial Lands, Industrial Plots and Institutional Land to our clients. We help our clients in buying, selling and renting of industrial properties within specified time frame. With our successful tactics, we try to provide certified Industrial Properties at reasonable price to customers.

Purchase/ Sale/ Leasing of Warehouse/ Godowns/ Factory Shed:

  • Understanding the trade of the customer
  • Advising the best possible properties taking into account of the various factors like:
    • Acquisition cost
    • Logistics & Transportation cost
    • Infrastructural amenities
    • Property Taxes
  • Site Survey & Selection
  • Providing absolute market information with the emerging trends
  • Discussion on pricing based on the demand-supply factor and the going market rate.
  • Arranging inspection and site visit
  • Transaction negotiation & closure assistance
  • Preparation and assistance in Legal documentations

With the tendency changing to globalization we recognize that regular shifting has become a part and parcel of the growing trade and service industry where interim accommodation are the paramount alternative for the corporate employee group or individuals. We organize accommodation for relocation of employees for all national and international clients.

Services to Clients:

  • Assistance in buying or selling properties
  • Assistance in Real Estate Investments
  • Market Research & Advisory
  • Home Loans & Loan against Properties
  • Portfolio Management

Services to Builders & Developers:

  • Project Survey
  • Assistance in deriving the launch price
  • Sales Marketing & Brand Promotions
  • Searching and Legal support
  • Project Finance

In addition to this, we differentiate ourselves through our capability to flawlessly amalgamate with a client's real estate section. We discover present requirements and predict future real estate demands to generate the results that clients command. All stages of negotiation are accomplished with complete knowledge of local, regional, and national statistics, tendency, and information as supplied through our reliable counterparts.

Under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, Non-resident Indians are:

  • Indian citizens who stay abroad for employment or carrying on business or vocation outside India or for any other purpose in circumstances indicating an uncertain period of stay abroad; OR,
  • Government servants who are posted abroad on duty with the Indian Mission and similar other agencies set up abroad by the Government of India where the officials draw their salaries out of Government resources; OR,
  • Government servants deputed abroad on assignments with foreign government or regional/international agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO), Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP); OR,
  • Official of the State Government and Public Sector Undertakings deputed abroad on temporary assignments or posted to their branches or offices abroad.

A bank of answers regarding Reserve Bank of India regulations governing acquisition of immovable property in India by NRIs. Read More


  • Assistance in preparation of legal set
  • Detailed title search
  • Drafting of Agreement
  • Finalization of Deed of Conveyance
  • Introducing to renowned solicitors


  • Coordination between the loan applicant and the bank
  • Counseling on the available proposal
  • Evaluating the eligibility of the applicant
  • Handling Documentation for Sanction & Disbursement of Loan


  • Acquisition Advice
  • Demand and Supply assessment
  • Hold-Versus-Sell Analysis
  • Lease-verses-Buy Analysis
  • Strategic Disposition Analysis

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